Lovatt's Sheradize specialty treatment for steel improves hardness in heat-treated steels and is currently being applied to all steels and cast iron. The Sheradize treatment is a unique process which cannot be compared to any other steel treatment. The treatment uses unique circuitry and a proprietary cold electrolyte which creates a molecular structural change. The new surface causes no dimensional change, the treatment is all penetration. There is no warpage since the treatment is done at sub freezing temperatures. Change in color after treatment is very slight from the original metal, in most alloys. Also, certain alloys of Sheradized steel have proven extremely resistant to corrosive attacks by sea water. The U.S. Navy has used both Sheradized steel and Akadized aluminum parts.


On the Rockwell C scale. Non heat treated steel generally increase 4-6 points. Heat treated steel generally increases 10-20 points.

Sheradize provides a method by which one can normalize or stress relieve a part after machining, grinding or welding and be assured of absolutely no distortion.

Density of the molecular structure near the surface of the treated part is increased.

Corrosion Resistance:
Offers good corrosion resistance to some steels. Significant improvement has been reported for treated versus untreated parts.

The surface RMS of the treated part is normally improved by up to 50% increasing lubricity characteristics, while providing a tough and durable surface

The Sheradize treatment removes gaseous interstitial impurities from the treated area. Fatigue life of the component may be greatly improved through the removal of residual stresses.

Mechanical Properties:
The life of cutting tools normally is extended many times over untreated parts, or in some cases made it possible to cut with tools that prior to treatment would not even make a minor cut in soft aluminum stock. After the treatment there is significant increase in resistance to galling.

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